Fox Hills


An all inclusive master plan for Multi-faceted City.
The Lusail City master plan addresses all components to create a modern multi-purpose city. Zoning and unity within diversity are the main development concepts within the urban blueprint, which has blessed every district, with a distinct identity of its own. First launched in 2005, the plan has since undergone some minor modifications, especially in terms of improving the city’s infrastructure and transportation system.
“You may get lost in your dreamy thoughts, but never in Lusail City as the city has a strong visual geo-metrical layout, which conveniently highlights all the city’s landmarks and always uses the sea as the main focal point,” said Eng. Magdy Youssef, Director of Lusail Administration Complex, he continued.
“The master plan offers palm-lined pedestrian areas and charming piazzas, which will create a tranquil atmosphere for a relaxing stroll before and after business hours,” he continued. “And there is lots of space for children to play in, or for people to meet and socialise.”
Special care has been given to the city’s aesthetic value. Experts from around the world were invited to design buildings, streets, parks and gardens, where every little detail in the public arena takes into consideration the whole of the city.
“When travelling between districts, the visual impact differs in terms of density, architectural design and landscaping, which makes it immediately evident that one has moved from one area to another,” again said Eng. Youssef, “The challenge was to make Lusail City an interconnected city. Nothing is out of sync or out of scale, and nothing will block your views and vistas.”
The light rail transit system is an important component of the Lusail City master plan from one area to another,” again said Eng. Youssef, “The challenge was to make Lusail City an interconnected city. Nothing is out of sync or out of scale, and nothing will block your views and vistas.”
Choice and Zoning
 “Choice is a crucial component of the master plan,” noted Ken Wallace, Master Planning Manager at LREDC, “all Lusail City districts provide an element of choice, yet they do not conflict with each other in terms of land use, access or density. All have been carefully designed to complement each other.”
For example, if you would like to buy a villa, you will find that the northern residential zone is reserved for villas only, yet other parts of the city can still offer plenty of choice. You will find villas close to the beach, the waterfront, within a golf course or garden city.
Zoning is another major aspect of the master plan. Creating a Manhattan-like skyline, high rise buildings will be mainly located along the waterfront and in some areas of the Marina District, which offers residential towers of up to 20 floors high and medium-rise buildings of fifteen to forty storey’s high. Like-wise, the future district of Fox Hills will offer a mix of commercial and residential space in medium-rise buildings of five to eight storey’s high inspired by both Qatari and European building traditions.
While the Marina District also offers office space, Lusail City’s flagship in that sense will be Energy City Qatar, the region’s first full- fledged oil and gas hub. As for retail, Lusail City will be home to two major malls and offers a wide range of space along the waterfront and within the Marina District.
“It’s clear that the Marina District is like an anchor within a city of mixed-use developments,” said Mr. Ken Wallace, “it combines office, residential and commercial space. Yet don’t think of it as ‘sleep where you work’ but ‘wake up late and walk to work.’ If you opt to live in the Marina District and work in Energy City Qatar, you can walk, bicycle or use public transport to go to work.”
No Traffic Jams
Lusail City’s infrastructure and main means of transport are other significant features of the master plan. Both are aimed at allowing people to move as freely and as conveniently as possible from one district to another. The Light Rail Transit network forms the backbone of the city’s transportation network, which will be linked to the Qatar rail network and future Doha metro.
 The city as a whole is designed to be pedestrian friendly, while Lusail City’s extensive waterfront location offers an additional advantage for introducing water-based means of transport. According to Eng. Magdy Youssef, there will be some 30,000 parking spaces, both public and private in Lusail City. Under the Marina District, the commercial hub within Lusail City, has some 2,500 parking spots already under construction.
 “Finally, we will ensure that the vision endorsed by the authorities is implemented ensuring that the integrality of the master plan is guaranteed across the construction process.” Eng. Youssef concluded.
• BY WATER – In accordance with the aim to create a vibrant waterfront, a water transportation system was adopted. Water taxis, specially designed for Lusail City, will connect the different segments of the city. Multiple stops allow for easy access almost anywhere. The water taxis will even provide access to the airport.
• BY TRAIN – The Light Rail Transit system, which goes underground in the Marina, Entertainment and Energy City districts, while remaining above ground in other areas of Lusail, will interconnect the city. Moreover, it will be linked to Qatar’s national rail network and to the future Doha metro.
• BY CAR – Four intersections connect Lusail City with the main Al Khor highway. Yet another entrance to the city will lead directly to the Marina District.
Smart Solution for a smart city
People tend to forget that a city is like a tree. Without a proper foundation underground, nothing above will flourish. In other words, the cornerstone for any successful urban development is its infrastructure. When building a city from scratch, as is the case for Lusail City, the opportunity arises to utilise the latest state-of-the art techniques to lay a solid foundation for a smart and futuristic city offering its inhabitants all the benefits and comforts associated with a modern lifestyle.
Under the supervision of the LREDC, not only utilities, sewage systems and other essential services are being constructed, but also roads, highways and other public facilities, such as schools, mosques and police stations. In addition, Lusail is set to become a “smart city.”
“We have commissioned experts to prepare an ambitious smart city program for Lusail, which we hope will be ready by the end of next year,” said Eng. Magdy Youssef, Director of Lusail Administration Complex. The entire infrastructure at this stage is planned to be completed by the end of 2013.
Lusail City is a multipurpose, state-of-the-art development that spans well over 35 square kilometres, careful planning was a prerequisite for success.
“We realised that the infrastructure of Lusail City could not be built in one shot, so we divided it into two phases and then subdivided it into construction zones,” said Phase Two Technical Director Arch. Fairoz Al Homaidi. “In technical terms, such a zone is known as a ‘Construction Package’. For now, we have 16 major CPs for 20 construction sites.”
 While in principle, the LREDC is responsible for providing a fully serviced plot of land, it is also possible for investors to buy an entire zone and take care of the infrastructure work themselves. Tenders for CPs are regularly issued and commissioned.
CP1, for instance, aims at cons- tructing the infrastructure work in the Marina District. While an ongoing project, much of it has been completed. Within the Marina District, utilities and a major utility tunnel is currently under construction, while Lusail City’s first road the “Lusail City Visitors’ Road” has been completed. Other major roads in Phase 1A are set to be completed by the end of 2010.
“We have also completed the main construction and we are in the testing and commissioning phase of the sewage treatment plant with a capacity of 60,000 cubic metres,” said Arch. Al Homaidi.
The infrastructure work for the Light Rail Transit systems are ongoing. The sections running underneath the Marina District and the Entertain-ment City are nearly complete.
“The work in the Fox Hills district is also in progress, and we have been able to provide early site access to a number of property developers, including DAMAC,” said Eng. Jassim Abdurrahman Al Emadi, Designing Director, “Likewise, developers can have early access to plots in the Marina District.”
The entire Lusail City will be connected to an extensive natural gas pipeline network. “It’s the first time that a whole city in Qatar is provided with gas through piped connections,” said Eng. Al Emadi. “We have also introduced vacuum waste management systems in the It’s the first time that a whole city in Qatar is connected to a gas pipeline network Commercial Boulevard and Marina District. The use of the vacuum system helps high density areas to get rid of their waste but much easier, nothing sits in bins.”
The massive and complex infrastructure work today forms the stepping stone for the future marina, villas, townhouses, shopping malls and high-rise towers that will rise and shine, and make Lusail City an example for urban developments all over the world.