Utility Tunnels

Lusail City is unique in its design, built according to the highest and most prestigious international standards in order to secure the highest quality of life attainable. Planning is meticulous; everything is considered and any possible complications or obstacles to progress are resolved right at the start of the process. This integrated planning process means that comprehensive services networks can be built to tighter schedules.Key sections of the wet and dry service networks will be installed within purpose-built reinforced concrete utility tunnels, which with allow for any maintenance work and future utility expansion without disrupting existing or completed infrastructure and building works. Maintenance will allow uninterrupted traffic flow and will not impact on the day-to-day routine of those living in the city.


Stormwater Network

An extensive positive stormwater drainage network will service the Lusail Development to ensure that flooding does not occur, thus minimizing disruption to traffic and residents alike and maintaining the safety of the road users.The collected stormwater will be pumped out to sea via three large diameter outfall pipes. The 4.6 km of pipeline are compromised of 2.4m and 3m diameter reinforced concrete pipes with 15 deep shafts. A special diffuser at the end of the storm water pipes allows water to discharge to the sea in a controlled manner.

A series of three large storm water pumping stations house the pumps that facilitate the planned discharge of the collected stormwater from the network to the sea via the large diameter outfalls.


Highway Structures

A variety of major highway structures and highways provide efficient traffic flow and interconnectivity between the various communities and districts that comprise Lusail City. These include multi-lane dual carriageway post-tensioned box section viaducts, bridges and underpasses.

Of note, a total of nine bridges provide connectivity between the four Qetaifan Islands and the mainland coast of Lusail; seven provide vehicular access with two limited to pedestrian access only. Two of the vehicular bridges are considered to be iconic structures, comprising self-anchored suspension bridges with steel superstructures and unique round pylons that connect the mainland to the North Island and South Island No1

The two pedestrian bridges connect the three Qetaifan South Islands and each is a 3-span cable stayed structure with a post-tensioned concrete deck and stainless steel pylon. The bridges incorporate high standard architectural finishes including granite surfaces, internally lit glass railings, kiosks with shade canopies and glass deck sections with public seating.

Another iconic structure is the symbolic 74m high archway that welcomes visitors and residents alike to the dynamic Lusail City Development.



Lusail City is served by an extensive road network that ranges from major multi-lane dual-carriageway highways to single carriageway local access roads. All roads have been designed to the highest international/Ashghal design codes and standards. In addition, the network will be provided with street lighting and state-of-the-art traffic management and information systems that will reduce congestion and assist residents and visitors to their chosen destination..The main road network comprises six primary roads that provide high speed connectivity with West Bay and Doha City to the south and the Lusail Highway to the east and north. The highway network once completed will connect Lusail City to the capital city of Doha via the southern crossing over the north canal and on the west to the Al Khor Highway. The primary highways are designed as an Urban Expressway with depressed, elevated and tunnel sections, which promise to provide a wonderful driving experience to the visitor along the beautifully landscaped verges and mosaic clad walls of the depressed trough leading to the 74m high symbolic structural steel archway at the Marina Interchange. To improve traffic flow, grade-separated intersections have been incorporated within the network. This network will eventually connect the north part of Lusail City to two new major grade-separated intersections to be constructed as part of the planned upgrade of Al Khor Highway by Ashghal.In addition the highway corridors incorporate the installation of the wet and dry utility networks, including storm water drainage and irrigation for soft landscape Areas.



Residents and visitors will have access to a series of high quality beaches located throughout Lusail City that will be constructed to the highest international standards using carefully selected sand sourced locally. The beaches will provide users with easy access to the sea and safe bathing conditions.