District Cooling

Lusail City will use a state-of-the-art system for maintaining a cool environment in buildings and towers. The system involves chilled water in pipes that are fed to each locality via underground tunnel in the Marina district and through an extensive network throughout Lusail City.
A central control facility will be responsible for operating, managing and maintaining the cooling system as well as achieving the following:

• Decreasing the overall power consumption of the project
• Decreasing the negative effect on the environment
• Securing financial resources and increasing production
• Better design, aesthetics & comfort level


Gas Farms

Lusail City uses an underground Synthetic Natural Gas distribution network, replacing traditional LP gas cylinders for increased convenience, safety and gas transportation economic. Lusail City gas pipeline is one of the biggest domestic gas utilization projects in Qatar covering 38 sq.km area accommodating approx. 200,000 residents. The total length of the gas distribution pipe line is about 150 kilometers fed from a Gas Farm with total usage equivalent to 28,000 m3/hr of natural gas. The gas network will be serving 19 districts of different consumers for varied applications in the Lusail Development accommodating residential, commercial, restaurant, hotels, schools and hospitals.


PWC Plants

A pneumatic waste disposal system will be responsible for waste management operations in selected districts of Lusail City. The system allows domestic waste to be transported via a vacuum pipe network from the collecting inlets, located in each floor of the Buildings, to a collection station.

The waste is pulled through an underground pipeline by air pressure, in response to sensors that indicate when the Inlets need to be emptied. The pipelines converge on a collection station, and then the waste will be trucked to its final location, such as a landfill or composting plan. The system helps facilitate separation and recycling of waste.

The state-of-the-art system will achieve the following;

• Remove the traditional waste containers from the streets, this leads to avoid generate foul smells.
• Remove the traditional truck, this leads to reduce pollution and noise.
• Improve the visual impact.
• The system works 24 hrs a day, 365 days a year waste can be thrown out at any time of the day.
The system will ensure that Lusail City remains a beautifully clean and healthy city.


Substations Plants

An extensive network serves of sub-stations and power cables will distribute power throughout the city the meet the demands of its consumers. The network requires the construction of 66kV and 11kV sub-stations which will receive and distribute the supply from Kahramaa’s national grid. To limit any adverse visual impact, the 11kV sub-stations are built underground in purpose-built reinforced concrete buildings.
Sections of the 66kV cable from the mainland to the Qetaifan Islands will be laid under the sea bed within purpose-built 3m diameter utility tunnels, which will be maintained in the dry to allow for ease of future maintenance and network expansion.