Smart City

Smart City Vision

Building the future city of Qatar that enhances people’s lifestyle and empowers businesses through efficient & sustainable services delivered by an integrated ICT infrastructure.



The ‘smart city’ is a modern concept that has been implemented in districts in the most advanced cities in the world. The idea behind the smart city is to employ latest information technology trends and tools to support people’s lifestyles and a country’s economic prosperity.The Smart City service at Lusail City positions it as one of Qatar’s most advanced cities.

Lusail will provide a switched on, high-technology environment comprising both wired and wireless communication networks to offer advanced services. Lusail City’s residents, business community and visitors will have a variety of communication facilities which will allow them to access any network from any place and at any time.

Lusail City extends across an area of 38 square kms and includes four exclusive islands and 19 multi-purpose residential, mixed use, entertainment and commercial districts. The total estimated population of Lusail will eventually reach 450,000 people. The city also includes numerous residential units, office buildings of various sizes and 22 hotels with different international star ratings, making it an element of attraction for investment in Qatar.

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Lusail Command & Control Centre (LCCC)

LCCC is the heart of Lusail Smart City where all smart services management and monitoring will be centralized.

LCCC is made of two main functional components; a world-class situation room used as Operation Center (OC), and a highly sophisticated Data Center (DC).

Operation Center provides a central monitoring and management facility for all smart services allover Lusail City. A room built according to the highest standards of operation centers. Situation room will host operators of all Smart Services. It also hosts the Operation & Maintenance team that makes sure the Data Center is working to its optimum.

Data Center provides the necessary processing, networking and storage requirements for all smart services, with built-in flexibility to expand to cater for demand of any additional smart services and disaster recovery plans.



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