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Light Rail Transit (LRT)

Lusail City has a comprehensive plan for establishing a network of light trains, which will connect the various districts. These trains will connect to train networks, which Qatar and other Arab Gulf countries plan to build in the future. The train network will have low energy consumption, supporting Qatar’s vision for continuous development and ensuring the project is environmentally friendly.

The network is composed of four main tram lines extending over 38.5 kilometres both underground and over ground, with and 36 passenger stations.

In the southern part of the city, a 5.5 kilometre underground railway is under construction. The railway will join various residential districts across the city and serve the Marina, Energy City and Qatar Entertainment City with 8 underground stations

To the northern EC1, Lusail City will have 30 stations at grade [HC1] to serve the areas of the Fox Hills district, Northern Residential district, Medical and Educational districts, Golf district and to Lusail City’s plaza at the heart of the city.

In the near future, the rail network will connect to Doha’s metro network interchanges located on Al Khor highway and at the Southern Boundary.


Underground parking

Parking is a problem for even the most famous and modern of cities throughout the world. In view of this, the planners of Lusail City are creating areas especially designated for cars. Parking lots will be assigned to every building for residents and visitors, and, in addition, there will be public underground car parks at the Marina district (2,200 places), Qetaifan Islands (1,030 places), the Lusail Commercial Boulevard (2,750 places), and Lusail Plaza (2500 places).

Lusail City’s car parking and waiting areas are equally accessible to both residents and visitors. The city’s car parks have been carefully located and beautifully landscaped at sites expected to receive considerable numbers of visitors and are connected by 10 pedestrian tunnels which stretch across the different districts.


Water Transport

Lusail City’s 30 kilometres of waterfront development will make water taxis the preferred transportation for many residents and visitors. Water taxis will be one of the fastest and most enjoyable ways to get around the city.


Main Roads Networks

One of Lusail City’s major assets is its strategic location on Al Khor highway, with fast access to the Qotaifan lagoon, Doha City and Hamad International Airport. Inside the city, a carefully planned road network has been developed with highway entrances, crossroads and numerous bridges, all of which connect Lusail City with the Al Khor highway and beyond.


Bicycle routes

An extensive cycle route and pedestrian network is planned throughout the city. Facilitating transportation even further, this network will also link to Lusail the public transportation system including: the light rail station, the railway interchange as well as public car parking areas.


Street Furniture

The level of design detail across the city will be staggering, from the litter bins to seats and the railings to the bus stop throughout the city, each element will be treated as more an architectural masterpiece than an ordinary piece of street furniture.