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Lusail Is Building The Best

Lusail City encompasses the most modern, luxurious and practical residential areas in Qatar all with a comprehensive set of services. It is a very attractive location for both residents and tourists and a natural extension of Doha city. Lusail City is unique in its design and built according to the highest and most prestigious international standards in order to secure highest quality standards attainable. Planning is meticulous; everything is considered and any possible complications or obstacles to progress are resolved right at the start of the process.

A City With A Vision


Lusail City is one of the most ambitious and ground-breaking concepts of Qatari Diar Real Estate Investment Company (QATARI DIAR), which aspires to become the most internationally renowned company in real estate investment.
We have succeeded in proving that the wellbeing of society is among our top priorities. We continually strive to improve and enhance people’s quality of life and abide to the most stringent of international standards.
Lusail City, developed by Lusail Real Estate Development Company (LREDC), is a futuristic project, which will create a modern and ambitious society. The smart, peaceful and inspirational environment combines artistic elements of architecture with various practical and versatile services in order to satisfy all the needs of its residents and visitors.

History Of The Vision


Lusail goes beyond the usual concept of a modern city; it is, in fact, a futuristic reflection of wonderful aspirations, technologies and ideas. Simultaneously, Lusail is characterised by a rich history that captures the authentic heritage and values of the remarkable Qatari culture. The unique name ‘Lusail’ is not only derived from the rare flower that grows in Qatar, it is also a symbol of the authenticity of the place where the late Sheikh Jassem Bin Mohammad Al Thani built the Lusail Castle, previously the centre of governance. In the vicinity of this significant castle lies Lusail, a modernistic city, yet one that has innovatively preserved the traditional aspects of Qatar.
Qatar’s National Vision is to become an even more prosperous modern country by 2030, capable of continuous development that will secure respectable living conditions for generations to come. The greatest challenge is to preserve Qatar’s heritage and traditions, especially in a challenging world where globalisation and worldwide communication threaten to dominate.
Lusail City is a highly innovative project that reinforces every facet of Qatar’s national vision. Throughout its various phases, Lusail carefully and aesthetically establishes a wonderful modern blend of Qatari traditions and the great art of Islamic architecture. Lusail City’s project plan was meticulously devised to guarantee that all the aspects meet only the highest international standards of architecture and construction. In addition, the artistically exquisite plans also take the environment into consideration; Lusail City is the first Sustainable city in Qatar.

The Force Behind The Vision


Lusail Real Estate Development Company
The driving force behind Lusail City is Lusail Real Estate Development Company W.L.L. (LREDC), a subsidiary of Qatari Diar Real Estate Investment Company (QATARI DIAR) (see below), which has a capitalised value of over USD1 billion. LREDC is responsible for the development, construction, promotion and on-going management of the future city.
Qatari Diar
Qatari Diar Real Estate Investment Company (QATARI DIAR) was established in December 2004 to support Qatar’s growing economy, and to co-ordinate the country’s real estate development priorities.

With a mission to become the most effective and trusted real estate investment company in the world, we strive to create developments that are sustainable, quality-built, well-planned and ultimately desirable places to visit, work and live.

Lusail City is just one of many active projects across the globe, including but not limited to Qatar, Syria, Morocco, Egypt and Europe. As well as providing homes to thousands, the development offers local and foreign property developers the opportunity to invest and participate.

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