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Bustling with Energy

Bustling with Energy

Lusail was the first development in Qatar to endorse GSAS (Global Sustainability Assessment System), in the region pioneering. With a performance-based rating system for green infrastructure. Today, all Lusail buildings hold a GSAS rating of at least two stars, having successfully achieved targets for energy consumption efficiency, water conservation, local material sourcing and recycling, outdoor environment quality as well as management and operations.

Lusail’s urban connectivity and landscaping form a cohesive system to minimise congestion and pressures on Doha’s transport infrastructure, utilise energy efficiently, shorten travel distances through mixed-use developments, and reduce contamination of the city’s waterways while preventing associated risks and pollution.

Key sections of Lusail’s wet and dry service networks are installed within purpose-built reinforced concrete utility tunnels, allowing for uninterrupted and seamless maintenance works and expansion in the future.

Lusail runs an underground Synthetic Natural Gas distribution network, replacing traditional LP gas cylinders for increased convenience, safety and gas transportation economies of scale. Its gas pipeline is one of the biggest domestic gas utilisation projects in Qatar. The gas distribution pipeline, about 150 kilometres in length, is fed from a Gas Farm with total usage equivalent to 28,000 m³/hr of natural gas.

An extensive network of 66kV and 11kV sub-stations and power cables, built underground in consideration of Lusail’s urban landscaping plan, receives and distributes Kahramaa power supply throughout the city. This system can accommodate and facilitate future maintenance and network expansion.

Lusail’s stormwater drainage network prevents floods, minimises traffic-related disruption and ensures road safety for residents and visitors. Lusail’s collected stormwater will be pumped out to sea via three large pumping stations – 4.6 kilometres of pipeline – in a controlled, automated process.

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