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Downtown Lusail

Downtown Lusail

Downtown Lusail is Doha’s new iconic uptown, the magnetic epicentre of Lusail city, home to the city’s hustle and bustle.

A paragon for uniquely modern, integrated lifestyle experiences, Downtown Lusail captivates the energy and vibrant spirit of Doha’s cosmopolitan urbanism in three flagship destinations. The Commercial Street, The Plaza and The Seef come together to create a truly distinct community; a melting pot of cultures, people and businesses that are reshaping the face of Qatar.
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Downtown Lusail’s The Commercial Street brings to life quintessential contemporary urbanism, seamlessly fused with Qatar’s rich cultural fabric. A dynamic, diverse and unique shopping, commercial and residential destination, The Commercial Street is where Downtown Lusail’s iconic experience comes to life.

The Commercial Street is the heart of Lusail, pulsating throughout the 1.3-kilometer district. It comprises a range of mixed-use, upscale retail and premium residential units, all intricately architected and designed against world-class quality standards to the last detail. Its public realm, size and buildings are modelled after The Avenue des Champs-Élysées; an international experience brought to life by prestige shopping outlets and a range of mixed-use, residential, leisure and cultural activities, with a GFA of 250,000 sqm.

Its tower buildings are bookended by towering gateway landmark buildings, vehicular and pedestrian routes. Across the destination, a slew of shopping and food outlets offers residents and visitors unique high-street lifestyle and leisure experiences. The commercial sub-district’s urban plan is meticulously designed for pedestrian street shopping and dining, facilitating intra-mobility through its connection to Lusail city’s underground car parking, which will accommodate 2000 parking spaces.


The Plaza is the grand, iconic centrepiece of Downtown Lusail, overlooking the coast at the end of The Commerical Street, and bound from the north and the south by Fox Hills and The Seef.

A proud beacon of Qatar’s urban upscale living, The Plaza is the grounding heart of Downtown Lusail. Bold yet welcoming, the destination is Doha’s most impressively enlivened social and commercial meeting point. The Plaza is a Doha landmark, and an exclusive address where connection, culture and celebrations of the world come to life.

Four iconic towers at 50 and 70 floors height define The Plaza premium district, a pedestrian unique urban realm overlooking the sea. The four towers, the impressive landmark, feature low-level podium buildings at their bases, creating a series of interconnected unique public spaces that host a wide range of activities and venues.


The glorious luxury waterfront development of Downtown Lusail, The Seef is a high-profile district under Lusail’s master plan, extending over 520,000 sqm of land.

The pulse of Downtown Lusail, The Seef is a destination in and of itself, embodying the serene, natural and harmonious energy of the Lusail city. Via its 2.3-kilometre pristine promenade, the destination permeates into the ebb and flow of the sea. Cutting through the Lusail coast, The Seef directly overlooks the city’s Qetaifan Islands crown jewels on one side, and Fox Hills on the other side.

A tranquil escape both away from and within the Lusail city centre, The Seef is home to luxurious contemporary living at its finest. The mixed-use development comprises 600,000 square metres of commercial, office, retail, hotel, residential, as well as entertainment, dining and cultural destinations and outlets, stretching along its waterfront promenade. The Seef’s innovative design comes to life through themes that reflect and celebrate Qatari traditions, values and aesthetic heritage.

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