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Lusail Real Estate Development Company (LREDC) is working towards the implementation of a fully-fledged E-Procurement System that will enable the management of its procurement activities on line. As the initial phase, all Vendors are requested to register to the LREDC’s Vendor List through the E-Vendor Registration Tab and are allowed to view the Open Tenders advertisements. Every LREDC’s registered Vendor will be granted access to the web-based portal by means of a unique user ID and Password.

E-Vendor Registration

Lusail Real Estate Development Company’s (LREDC’s) contracting and procurement processes are governed by the principles of transparency and fairness aiming at obtaining goods, services and works from competent suppliers with quality edge. We will be privileged to have your company among our list of reputable suppliers, consultants and contractors.

In order to register with LREDC, kindly find the attached link to register in the E-Vendor Registration.

This Training Manual will take you through the steps of how to use the E-Vendor Registration with LREDC.

As soon your application has been completed, you may be contacted for further information or to submit additional documentation as part of this registration process.

The duration of the registration process depends on a number of factors including the diversity of business lines you would like to be registered for as well as the completeness and clarity of your application. LREDC will, however, do its utmost to ensure that the process is completed in the shortest possible time.

Should your application be accepted, the name of your company will go into LREDC’s lists of registered Vendors. This however, does not mean that you will automatically be invited to tender for all the lines of business you have registered for, as there are so many other factors that determine short-listing and compilation of lists of bidders for any particular tender.

Site Entry

Lusail Real Estate Development Company (LREDC) is working towards the implementation of e-services that will enable the contractors to submit their requests for permits on line. As the initial phase, all Contractors are requested to register to the LREDC’s e-site entry home page and are then allowed to initiate a new request for a site entry access. Every LREDC’s registered contractor will be granted access to the web-based portal by means of a unique user ID and Password.

Site Entry requirements:

  1. Letter of Authorization from the owner to the company.
  2. Valid Company Annual Insurance.
  3. Copy of Owner’s ID or Company CR.
  4. Signed HSE Acknowledgment.
  5. Coordinates for the purpose bore holes location plan (Only in case if Soil Investigation).
  6. Company commercial Registration.
  7. Copy of all Drivers Driving Licenses.
  8. Vehicles Registration (Istamara).

Upon Approval, the applicant will receive electronic copies of the site access permit and the approved vehicle list within 3 business days. Applicant should contact the Logistics for further procedures to validate and use the permits on +974 44974547 or email at Logistics@lusail.com

To access the application click here

TypeFile NameDate ModifiedSize

HSE Acknowledgment 12:09 PM 06/16/2016177.2k

Occupational Health and Safety 12:09 PM 06/16/2016909k

User Manual for Site Entry Web Application V1 12:09 PM 06/16/2016834.1k

Open Tenders

Sr. NoTender Name Tender Number Opening Date Closing Date Download
1Marina District Investment Opportunity – Lusail City2 April 2019 25 May 2019File download

Information Help Desk

The Building Permit section of Lusail /QD has a new information help desk  on the ground floor at  Lusail Administration Complex to cater to the inquiries of developers and investors. The consultants and Clients may come in person  to enquire or Call on 44977177. The help desk  service is available Sunday to Thursday from 7:30am- 3:00pm