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Lusail City offers a broad range of entertainment venues, some in distinct districts and some integrated within developments. The major concentration for public attractions is in the Entertainment City which is planned as the premier world-class destination in Qatar. Other districts that will be unique destinations include Entertainment Island, Qetaifan Islands, Lusail Plaza, Seef Lusail and the various Wadi, Crescent, Al Khor Parks and the promenades along Marina District.



Entertainment City presents a welcoming and hospitable face to the world and will become a destination beloved by world travelers. To achieve a unified development, the plan for Entertainment City provides for attraction and entertainment venues integrated seamlessly within a sophisticated urban environment.
Five distinct “districts”, each thematically and characteristically different from one another include:

  • Downtown
  • Corniche
  • North Shore
  • South Shore
  • The Villas (South Shore Villas and Fox hill Villas)

A canal will act as the central organizing element of plan, linking each area via a water taxi. All areas of this development center on entertainment, be it the more active, thrilling aspects of the project, or the more relaxing and regenerative parts. Offerings are “lifestyle based”, as they focus on creating a whole experience, one for all visitors from families to business travelers.

In order to create a vibrant community, Entertainment City Qatar will embrace a range of uses. The primary uses will include:

  • Retail (Shopping mall, souk, neighborhood retail, restaurants)
  • Housing (Apartments and villas)
  • Hotels (Theme hotels, apartment hotels and boutique hotels),
  • Entertainment and Attraction (Theme parks, Water Parks, Theaters)
  • Office

Place Vendome is the first project earmarked for development in Entertainment City. It is as much as an Entertainment Hub as it is a shopping destination. The amusement facilities deliver all the fun for the entire family. The architecture draws upon classical and neoclassical styles to set the mood. The design language is rich with architectural vivacity of French renaissance to set the tone for the entire shopping experience.


Key attractions


Water feature

A canal runs all the way around the mall and out to sea on both sides, making for a gorgeous open plaza experience with cafes and restaurants overlooking the water.


Music’n Light fountain

The central feature of the canal is a lively dancing fountain complemented by laser displays for a spectacular show.


Family Entertainment Center

Featuring a variety of rides and activities, the park will be brimming with entertainment options to keep the young ones amused.


Cinema complex

A multiplex to showcase movies in different languages to cater to every audience.


Health and fitness

It’s not just fun and games; those who are serious about fitness will find a fully equipped and expertly managed fitness center for maximum results.


Entertainment Island

Plans are underway to develop a Major Museum, Park and a luxury Boutique Hotel with public and private beaches.



The 3 Southern Qetaifan Islands will have continuous Souq developments connected with pedestrian bridges and an active marina waterfront.

The North Qetaifan Island is being master planned for a large touristic entertainment destination by QTA.



Lusail Plaza lies at the heart of Lusail City. It overlooks the coast at the end of the Boulevard District and is bounded North and South by Fox Hills and Seef Lusail Districts.

The Plaza District is defined by four iconic towers providing both a focus to the city and to the Plaza itself. The four towers are positioned in order not to obstruct views and to take full advantage of the coastal aspect. The bases of these towers are shrouded by a series of low level podium buildings that create a series of interconnected unique public spaces where a range of activities can take place.

Lusail Plaza has been designed as both a destination and a vital link within the overall City master plan. The connection of the Lusail Boulevard to the Lusail Corniche is a fundamental driver of the master plan. This link works both visually – the long vista down the boulevard to the iconic structure reinforced with an avenue of tall palms – and physically with protected pedestrian routes from boulevard through the heart of the plaza out to the corniche.

The connection of the North and South districts of Seef Lusail both into the Plaza and to each other has also been carefully considered. The design of the corniche: avenues of palms and boardwalk will be continued into the surrounding districts to give homogeneity to the entire corniche. At the heart of Lusail Plaza lies the LRT station which connects purple and red/green lines. This hub ensures the 4 towers are well linked into Qatar’s public transport network. The LRT will also encourage visitors to visit Lusail Plaza to experience the unique ambience of a truly pedestrian urban realm.

Lusail Plaza Public Realm will be the focus of activity for the district and City of Lusail. With its pedestrian priority emphasis, the design of the public realm also draws on the rich tradition of the region and is designed to promote just such activity from the grand civic scale of the central spine to the more intimate spaces of the inner gardens. The plaza creates a central open space for congregation and can accommodate events for up to 10,000 people. This is also a possible venue and fan zone for the visitors to the FIFA Q2022 events.


Predestine open space

These are the major park networks that connect Lusail City.

The AL Khor Park runs along a major highway acting as a buffer and a soft edge along the western boundaries.

The Crescent Park runs North South and partly flanking the Stadium District. It is an assembly of active recreations spaces with sports fields, playing equipment, walkways, bicycle ways and restaurants in a park setting.

The Wadi Park runs East West and is a passive park integrated in a natural setting and offering relaxation spaces, walkways, bicycle ways, etc. around a series of water bodies.
The promenades along the Marina District and South Qetaifan Islands form the urban waterfront edges with high quality public realm. Seating is planned along the water with views out to the sea, in addition to walkways, restaurants and access to marinas.